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Agricultural Social Network

Farmzin is a social networking service which helps people to build relations with other people who share similar career interests, activities or backgrounds

Empowering Farmers

Farmzin just like other profession has its pros and cons. We strive to empower farmers on the Pros of farming and also enlightens them on how to reduce the cons

Marketing of Farm Produce

Farmers do not have to have to worry about marketing their harvests any more as we can help you do that here at Farmzin.

Preventing Food Wastage

Part of Farmzin core goal is to help in Strengthening Food Security and prevention of Food Wastage

Buy and Sell With 100% Confidence

Farmzin also serve as a marketplace for buying and selling agricultural produce with 100% Confidence.

Help & Support

Whether you are an Agriculture enthusiast, a Farmer or an Agriculture Entrepreneur. You can count on us for help and support

What people say about Farmzin

Agriculture really has a lot of benefits if we can get people to have interest in it. This is what Farmzin is trying to do using the Power of IT and they're making a good progress

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